Lucas St. Martin

Principal Character Artist with a strong focus on visual development and the creation of a thriving and positive art community within a studio. 

I got my start as an intern for 38 Studios, where I learned the ins and outs of being a professional character artist. I was brought on full time after I graduated college and spent the better part of 3 years diligently working to improve my art and produce the best product I could. The company went under, as happens all too often, but by then I was hooked. The people were great, and the art was amazing.

I then moved out to California to work at Cryptic Studios on the much more serious and quasi realistic art of Dungeons and Dragons:Neverwinter. After almost 3 years and 4 expansions, I decided to move on to something new, and began work at Trion Worlds on Project: Hydrogen, a highly stylized Sci Fi PvP game, which would soon become the recently announced "Atlas Reactor". After a few years on Atlas Reactor, I headed south to Cold Iron Studios, where I was tasked with assisting the development and creation of the art style of their brand new project, and helping to build a fun and inspiring art culture within the studio. Not too long after that, we made a dramatic shift in style when we became part of FoxNext games, and began work on a new Aliens IP game.


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